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Getting Bi in a Gay-Straight World, describes what it can often feel like to be bisexual:

This information sheet outlines how criminal justice and other safety services can address biphobia and biphobic hate crime. 

The National LGBT Partnership Bi Report presents a detailed report into the lives of bisexual people

Coming out

LGBT Youth Scotland have produced a coming out guide for young LGBTQ+ people

Conversion Therapy

Conversion therapy fact sheet

LGBTQ+ survivors experiences of conversion practices

Domestic Violence support

Domestic Violence Resource for Gay and Bisexual men

Housing options for LGBTQ+ people experiencing domestic abuse:

DV resource lesbian bi women

Domestic Violence Resource for Lesbians and Bisexual women:

Icon LGF Guide LBW DV

A Guide for Lesbian and Bisexual Women Affected by Sexual Violence:

Icon DV Trans

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind – Transgender People’s Experiences of Domestic Abuse:

Navigating the Criminal Justice System as an LGBTQ+ survivor of Sexual Violence

End of life support


Planning Ahead: making Choices for the End of Life

Forced Marriage advice

Forced marriage document icon

Help and Advice document for victims of forced marriage or potential victims:

Forced Marriage – LGBT guide

Hate Crime and Discrimination

Understanding Anti-LGBTQ+ Hate Crime is a guide for LGBT+ people who have experienced anti-LGBT+ hate.

Galop’s 2021 Hate Crime Report

This handbook is a guide for LGBT+ people who have experienced homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, or any type of ant-LGBT+ hate. 

This handbook provides people working with those who have experienced anti-LGBT+ hate crimes a practical tool on how to address and accommodate LGBT+ people’s needs.

This information sheet explained the financial assistance available if you experience anti LGBT+ hate or abuse. 

LGBTQ+ terminology

Stonewall has put together a glossary of terms and labels commonly used by LGBTQ+ people for LGBTQ+ identities

Mental Health support

Guidance for service providers on how to develop LGBTQ+ affirmative practices

Mental Health & Wellbeing Services for LGBT+ Women (March 2024)

Migrants / Asylum Seeker support

No Safe Refuge – Experiences of LGBT asylum seekers in detention

Parents of LGBTQ+ children

Mermaids have produced a page especially for parents of young trans people. You can find videos made by parents and find information and support


“I’m Muslim and I might not be straight” is a guide for all young queer Muslims

The Proud Trust have produced a number of testimonies from young LGBT+ people with religious backgrounds

Sexual Health

Black Beetle Health have produced a guide on sexual health for LGBTQ+ people.

The guide covers:

  • What STIs are out there – from gonorrhoea to HPV
  • How to test for STIs
  • How to protect yourself from an STI

Black Beetle Health have produced a Sexual Health Brochure for Black Queer people

Quick-starting PrEP for anal sex guide by 56 Dean Street

Quick-starting PrEP for vaginal sex guide by 56 Dean Street

Staying safe online

Stonewall have produced a guide to help parents and teachers understand the dangers their LGBT+ children/students could face online

Support after suicide

A guide for supporting those affected by suicide

Support for Gay Men

56 Dean Street- Body Image series for Gay Men: explores the pressures gay men face with ideals of body image and masculinity and how to manage this in a healthy way

56 Dean Street- Grindr and Mindfulness: a healthy approach to using Grindr and related hookup apps

Trans support and guidance

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Trans Guidance for Schools

Trans Think TEA

Young People’s Trans Guide

Trans Youth SH icon

Gendered Intelligence: Trans Youth Sexual Health Booklet

Trans Men guide icon

TransMen: Sexual health, HIV and wellbeing – a guide for transmen

Trans Women guide icon

TransWomen: Sexual health, HIV and wellbeing – a guide for trans women

What do I need to know about surgery? is a practical guide designed by TransActual to support trans people through the experience of having transition related surgery.

Collecting Information on Gender Identity  (EHRC)

Bereavement trans icon

Bereavement: a guide for trans people and their loved ones

The Gender Construction Kit provides a step by step guide on how to make changes, from ID documents to upper body