We offer a range of training packages tailored to your needs and  relevant to your sector. We deliver training to a wide range of service providers including schools, G.P. practices, the criminal justice system and health and social care providers:

Trans/Gender Identity Awareness:

Trans/Gender Identity Awareness is the most popular training package that we offer. The session is three hours in duration, including a short break.

At the end of the training, delegates will:

  • Understand the spectrum of trans and gender identity and the impact on people’s lives as well as accessing services
  • Understand when gender identity issues are relevant when working with trans people (and when they may not be)
  • Be able to work confidently and sensitively with trans people
  • Be up-to-date with recent policy and best practice guidelines in your sector and recognise how they apply to working with trans people
  • Have a clear understanding of the Equality Act and the Gender Recognition Act and how and when they are relevant in your work

This training is CPD accredited

“I enjoyed it all from start to finish. The session has enhanced my knowledge around transgender awareness.”

“The presentation was detailed and streamlined and further reading info was provided to expand knowledge in this area.”

“Found it all really helpful, very informal, able to ask questions and had good discussions that were clinically relevant.” 

“Made me feel more confident to work with trans young people.”

LGB&T Awareness:

The session is usually 3 hrs in duration but the timing can be changed according to your needs.

Many service providers request this training to gain a better understanding of the barriers which LGB&T people may experience when accessing their services. Much of the evidence we draw upon for these sessions is based on up-to-date research findings including research we have conducted locally with LGB&T people. We can offer this as full day or half day sessions.

At the end of the training, delegates will:

  • Have a greater awareness of the issues affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people
  • Have increased confidence in engaging and supporting LGB&T people
  • Have a strong understanding about the barriers which LGB&T people may experience when accessing your service
  • Begin to develop ideas around how you can improve the services that you deliver to LGB&T people
We also offer a full-day LGBT awareness session which is CPD accredited.

“The trainer was knowledgeable with excellent presentation skills. The session was tailored to our needs.”

“I thought I understood LGBT but I didn’t appreciate how little I actually knew about the issues that the LGBT Community face. . . . I feel a lot more passionate about LGBT since the training.”

For more information about our training click here to see our leaflet.

Or contact us to discuss how we can tailor a training session to your needs:

01772 717461 or email: hello@lancslgbt.org.uk


We have 3 different offers for schools:

  • Support for schools with trans children and young people

We offer:

  • Trans awareness training for all school staff
  • Support in drafting a Memorandum of Understanding between the School and Parents
  • Support in drafting an appropriate strategy in the event of interest from the local community and Press
  • Regular ongoing support for any issues if/as they arise

“This session has changed my attitude in approaching these issues at work”

  • Support for schools around LGB&T awareness

This involves a visit from us to discuss your needs. We offer a strategic whole school approach including the following:

  • Support with integrating LGB&T issues into the curriculum
  • Training for Staff and Governors on LGB&T issues
  • Capacity building for staff to develop their own LGB&T awareness activities within the school
  • Strategies for combating homophobic and transphobic bullying
  • Help with developing an LGBT group within the school
  • Work with young people to increase their knowledge of LGB&T issues

“I am more confident in talking about LGBT issues in school”

Health & Social Care Providers:

Health and Social Care providers- for both Adults and Children and Young People

We regularly deliver training to health and social care providers, for example:

  • Social workers (training is compatible with the Professional Capabilities Framework)
  • Review assessment and support officers (who assess for services)
  • Community support workers who support people in their own homes (learning disability, physical disability, mental health service etc.).
  • Health Promotion workers (working in preventive health education with the public)
  • Shared Lives carers and workers
  • Managers of the above
  • People working with children and young people

Criminal Justice system

We regularly deliver training to student police officers for Lancashire Constabulary and we alsoprovide Trans awareness ttraining to staff in prisons and probations ervices.

G.P. Practices

We are increasingly asked to deliver LGB&T awareness training for GP Practices. After training delegates:

  • Understand how to reduce the barriers which LGB&T people experience when accessing routine healthcare
  • Have a good understanding of the healthcare needs of LGB&T people
  • Know how to support patients accessing gender identity services
  • Understand the treatment protocols and routine screening needs of trans people
  • Are familiar with best practice guidelines regarding LGB&T patients

For more information about the training that we can offer to GP Practices, click here.