Lancs LGBT

One to One Support

Lancs LGBT

Our support sessions aim to improve mental health and overall wellbeing. Within your sessions you can talk openly and freely in a confidential and safe space about your goals, values, identity and challenges you may be facing.

The support worker will work in collaboration with you to:

  • uncover your strengths
  • set personal goals
  • develop action plans to achieve them

They also encourage you to:

  • take ownership of your own wellbeing
  • support you to make positive changes aligned with your values and desires

The support worker will do:

  • regular mental health assessments to track
    your progress
  • help you identify areas of improvement
  • offer a range of wellbeing coaching tasks that are tailored to your specific support needs

Meet our Support Worker

Hi, I’m Levi and I am the support worker at Lancashire LGBT. I’m here to help engage people with our services and offer one-to one support to the LGBTQ+ community, with an aim of improving mental health and wellbeing. I also facilitate our peer support group called Manspace.  My background is in mental health support work, and I have a degree in counselling, coaching and psychological interventions, specialising in wellbeing coaching.

Self-referral and third-party referral

To access one2one support you can either fill out our self-referral form or a third party can refer you to the service. You will then be contacted to go through a one2one referral and then our support worker will make contact to book your first one2one session.