As it is a question we often get asked during Pride month, we thought we would put together some suggestions for ways to support our work:

Donating and Fundraising can make a real change, and the best thing is, it is super easy!

Whether you want to donate to us yourself, or if you want to fundraise for us– your support guarantees we can be there for LGBTQ+ people in Lancashire

If you want to fundraise, but unsure how, you can:

  • Organise a Pride bake off in your work or college
  • Raise funds by doing a park-run or 10km
  • Plan a raffle

Donations sent and funds raised will help support unfunded services, such as:

  • Lancashire LGBT’s swimming group (venue hire and swimming coach)
  • Lancashire LGBT’s Trans residentials (venue hire, transport and speakers)
  • Pop- up community events

You can donate and send funds raised by a fundraiser, by clicking here:


Many of our services are led by our wonderful team of volunteers!

But, we are constantly expanding and therefore in need of extra support!

We are currently looking for:

  • 1 group facilitator for our monthly online afternoon LGBTQ+ women’s group
  • 2 group facilitators for our monthly online evening Manspace group for GBTQ+ men
  • 1 group facilitator for our monthly in-person evening Manspace group for GBTQ+ men
  • 1 group facilitator for our monthly online evening Trans-masc support group
  • 2 walking group leaders
  • Events volunteers

If you are interested in any of these roles contact

Become #LGBTaware

You can become #LGBTaware by booking onto one of our upcoming FREE LGBTQ+ Awareness workshops, where you will:

  • Learn how to reduce the barriers LGBTQ+ people experience accessing mental health support
  • Gain an understanding from people with lived experience, of how being LGBTQ+ can impact mental health
  • Learn how reduce or eliminate heteronormative assumptions, practices and systems in mental health support

You will also receive a takeaway pack and a fabulous #LGBTaware badge!

Book a spot and become #LGBTaware