A major new report on the experiences of LGB+T young people in England has been published today,. The report on the survey or around 7,000 LGBTQ young people aged 16-25 evidences disturbing levels of discrimination, abuse and mental health issues. This is the largest ever survey sample of LGBTQ 16-25 year olds in England, and includes a significant rate of response from trans young people.

An associated survey of commissioners shows little evidence of local commissioning that serves the specific support needs of LGBTQ young people, either through specific LGBTQ services or within mainstream services.  Strenuous attempts were made to contact commissioners, but these were often ignored. Only 29 responded and the findings themselves are disappointing and concerning. A complementary picture emerged from the provider survey (52 respondents). Only a minority of areas of England appear to have services that are sensitive to the specific needs of LGBTQ young people.

The report provides the much needed robust national data and evidence base for work in this field, which commissioners claim they have hitherto lacked. You can read the key findings from the survey here and the Youth Chances website is here.