Lancashire LGBT works closely with primary schools, secondary schools and colleges to ensure that staff and students are supported in relation to LGB&T and non-binary issues. Depending on your school’s needs, we have two different offers for schools:

  • Support for schools with trans children and young people

We offer:

  • Trans awareness training for all school staff
  • Support in drafting a Memorandum of Understanding between the School and Parents
  • Support in drafting an appropriate strategy in the event of interest from the local community and Press
  • Regular ongoing support for any issues if/as they arise
  • Support for schools on LGB&T Awareness

This involves a visit from us to discuss your needs. We offer a strategic whole school approach including the following:

  • Support with integrating LGB&T issues into the curriculum
  • Training for Staff and Governors on LGB&T issues
  • Capacity building for staff to develop their own LGB&T awareness activities within the school
  • Strategies on combating homophobic and transphobic bullying
  • Help with developing an LGBT group within the school
  • Work with young people to increase their knowledge of LGB&T issues