We are excited to announce that this year’s national heritage premiere for LGBT History Month will be “The Adhesion of Love”, from Inkbrew Productions. Following the massive success of the “Burnley Plays”in 2017, this new Inkbrew production is a new play from writer Stephen M Hornby, who wrote “The Burnley Buggers’ Ball”. In it he tells the story of how in 1885 John W Wallace, a working-class man from Bolton, set up the Eagle Street ‘College’, a book group that celebrated his love for Walt Whitman’s poetry. Wallace travelled to America  six years later and met Whitman face-to-face. On his return to Bolton, Wallace is unsure how to express his new sexual and spiritual awakening within in the conservative confines of Victorian England.
Through the link below you can book tickets for the premiere at Burnley Central Library on Saturday 9 February (2pm) and subsequent performances in Wigan, Manchester, Salford and Bolton between February and May.

“The Adhesion of Love” announced as 2019 national heritage premiere