Isaac Hitchen Project

Meet the Team


The Isaac Hitchen Project is a pan-Lancashire community development project which is funded by the Big Lottery Reaching Communities Fund for 3 years from December 2012, employing a team of four people to deliver the following objectives:

  • Increase the social inclusion of LGB&T people in Lancashire
  • Improve the mental health and well-being of LGB&T people in Lancashire
  • Increase LGB&T people’s active involvement and influence in their local communities in Lancashire
  • Improve the awareness and inclusiveness of service providers and the wider community of LGB&T people and communities in Lancashire


Over the 3 years of the project, The Isaac Hitchen Project is committed to improving both the quantity and quality of service provision for LGB&T people in Lancashire. We aim to do this by supporting existing services for LGB&T people in Lancashire and by developing a range of new services for LGB&T people including:

  • The development of a wide and varied range of LGB&T peer support groups, community groups, information and support drop-ins and befriending services across Lancashire (including supporting the development of existing LGB&T groups and services). For more information, see our ‘Support For You’ pages.
  • The development of a Lancashire-wide volunteer recruitment and development scheme to enable LGB&T people to facilitate LGB&T community groups, peer support groups and befriending services. For more information, see our ‘Get Involved’ page.
  • The recruitment and development of ‘LGB&T Community Champions’ – a network of specialist LGB&T volunteers throughout Lancashire who can act as local experts, advocates and knowledge sharers for LGB&T community members. For more information, see our ‘Get Involved’ page.
  • The creation of a Lancashire-wide network for practitioners and professionals working with LGB&T communities. If you are interested in attending this network, see our ‘Get In Touch’ page.
  • The delivery of specialist LGB & T awareness and inclusivity training to organisations and service providers throughout Lancashire. For more information, see our ‘Support for Professionals’ page.

For more information about who Isaac Hitchen was, please see the link to a LGBT history project in Lancaster Documenting Dissent



Our projects

We are constantly working on new projects and would love to hear from people who can tell us where they think support is needed within Lancashire. If you think that your area needs a Lesbian coffee afternoon, a Trans walking group or even an LGB&T social safe space then why not let us know?